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June 17, 2005
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Boreas: Glaze Fired by Rebmakash Boreas: Glaze Fired by Rebmakash
:banghead: The... Glaze... Ran! Oh, man... :faint:

I hope it's still to your satisfaction, Sinn-ryu, tell me what you think. There are several mottled places (which can happen with glazes) but I hoped it wouldn't be this bad. The running of teh favorite blue could be one of several things. 1) a mis-application of the glaze (unlikely, I kept the application well in mind when I did it). 2) Running was common for the glaze and I didn't know it (possible, I used another two glazes I knew might run, but they were small areas). 3) Something wrong with the glaze (possible, several glazes were having problems). 4) It was put on too thick (possible) 5) The kilns got too hot (unlikely, but it has happened).

Other glazes came out different than planned, but not unexpectedly. The red I had hoped would come out a tad lighter, but the darker color it turned was no surprise. The yellow turned out cream-orange near the red (it's common for some glazes to be tinted depending on what other pieces are near it). Then again, it means I just achieved a glaze color everyone in the class wants (we have no orange glazes because they are highly toxic). The yellow was light in other places, but I told you it might well. The base was supposed to be matt, but the shineiness is a happy accident.

The airbrush worked as well as I had hoped, although the borwn on teh bottom of the wings... Disappeared. It never showed up, it seems.

There are two parts of the face that I was lucky with. The markings and the eyes. I've had notoriously bad luck with eyes running, and I considered leaving the eyes blank and painting them. I finally decided to try it and if they bled I'd rough it up and try to paint them anyway. Amazingly, they didn't. The markings didn't run either, and kept their shape beautifully. (I can guarantee you, I will never get that lucky again. ;))

So... Mixed results. I need to patina white onto the tail where I couldn't glaze and touch-up the base. Then he's done.

He weighs 3 pounds (or rather, just short) so he's going to cost about $24 for me to ship, not as bad as I feared. :)

Boreas copyright Sinn-Ryu.
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Wind-Walker Jun 19, 2005
Ah, it came out nicely, I think. :) Hopefully, it'll survive shipping without chipping.

...Oh no, I'm rhyming again! O__o
Lol, I caught that. Yes, hopefully.
RadiantGlyph Jun 19, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Are you KIDDING? Thia is fantastic! In fact, it's pretty much the effect I had an image of in my head when you said 'glaze'.

It looks great! Almost like an antique piece of claywork, like something made by people in older times on Feia... which is yet <>i>another reason why I'm totally in love with it!

:faint: :glomp: I am soooo relieved you like it!!!! Much much much yayness! I was so afraid it would be a problem that it ran.

aw, cute...the glaze looks so shimmery, really lovely. I esp. like the detail on the feathers and its pose
Thanks! I'm not quite satisfied with the glaze, but Im happy with the sculpt.
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